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Helping Out (Part Only Service)

Are there jobs that you hate having to do, and would much rather have someone else do them?

Well we can help you with this, as part of our “helping out” service. We have taken all the tasks that we do, and broken them down into separate packages – e.g. Making an inventory, or following up references.

Our prices are competitive, and remember that we don't charge VAT, so the price you see is the price you pay.

Holiday Cover

Imagine you're on holiday in Spain for two weeks, enjoying yourself, and half way through, your tenant rings up because there is a problem with the boiler. You then have to stop your holiday for a few hours, why you sort it out, and get the problem fixed.

Now wouldn't it be easier if the stress of dealing with problems could be dealt with by someone at home, and not you?

Well we can do that for you - We will manage your property while you're on holiday, so you can enjoy it, safe in the knowledge that your investment is being well looked after.

Prices start from £7.99 per week (restrictions apply).

Creating an inventory

Since the introduction of secure deposits, the inventory is starting to play a much more important role, especially if there are any disputes at the end of the tenancy.

Depending on the size of the property, an inventory will be made, showing what's there and it's condition, and the results will be sent to you as a PDF file.

Prices start from £24.99.

Checking In

This is something that a lot of landlords don't bother with, but is just as important as the inventory. If tenants are taken through the inventory, before moving their belongings in, they are more than likely to respect and understand the property, than if they were just handed the keys and told to get on with it.

On the day that your tenants move in, we will go through the inventory with them (making sure that they understand what is listed), and then arranging for the inventory to be signed by the tenants. Only when these two processes have been completed, will we had over the keys.

Prices start from £14.99.

Checking Out

Again, another important area that is often overlooked, but is very valuable in the event of disputes. By going through a check out process, both parties will understand where the problems lie, and whose fault it is, as it will assist determining if all or some of the deposit should be repaid.

We will see the tenant(s) on the day they move out, go through inventory with them and check for damages or missing items, and arrange for a signature on the inventory by the tenants. Once these processes have been completed, we will collect the keys.

Prices start from £14.99.

Mid Tenancy Checks

The first tenancy check should be made within 3 months of the tenant moving in, and then every 3 months there after.

The purpose of this check is to see that the property is being taken care of, that items mentioned on the Inventory and Schedule of Conditions are still there, and to highlight any problems.

We will report back to you once the check has been completed, informing you of any work that needs to be done, or if anything is missing from the inventory.

Prices start from £14.99.


We are more than happy to follow up references for you. There is a form that potential tenants will need to fill in, which we will provide.

  • Reference checks, with credit history search: £24.99 per tenant.
  • International reference check, with credit history search: £45.99 per tenant (this option applies if the potential tenant has been in the UK for less than 3 years).

Tenancy Agreement

With this, we can provide a copy of the tenancy agreement, and arrange for signatures from both parties: £19.99

Combine this with a Check In package, and we will discount the total by 10%.

Showing people round

There may be times when you can't show potential tenants round, and if that's the case, then we could do this for you.

Prices start from £9.99.

Rent Collection

It's very rare these days, but it does happen - there are tenants who don't want to pay by Standing Order, and you are left with no choice but to collect their rent.

Well we can help you with that - We will be able to collect the rent on your behalf, for £11.99 per collection. Ideal if you're on holiday during rent collection time.

Additional Costs

All the above packages (excluding Referencing) include driving costs up to 5 miles from our location. Locations further than 5 miles will incur an additional cost of 99p per mile.

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Our Services and Fees

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